April 6th, 2016 at 2:00am

Let’s be real, college life isn’t glamorous or relaxing. College is a time where you learn to live within your means. Most days it’s ramen or fast food, but every one in a while it’s nice to wear a cute outfit, put on some makeup and go out to brunch with your friends. This Fashionista’s outfit would be a perfect look to wear before going to a casual restaurant on a sunny weekend morning.

This Fashionista decided to go for a layered look on top. She is wearing a floral print blouse underneath of a chambray button-up. A chambray button-up is a perfect piece to have in your spring wardrobe. It can be worn as a shirt or as a layering piece. This Fashionista kept the bottom simple and went with a plain pair of comfortable black cotton shorts. The accessories are really what make the look pop. This Fashionista went with a black fringe purse that is big enough to hold all of her necessities for the day. She decided to wear a tan fedora with black detailing, which was perfect for the weather. She is wearing a geode statement necklace that adds a unique detail to the outfit. She topped off the look with a classic pair of simple black sandals and kept her makeup natural.

Overall, this look is successful because it combines simple pieces with unique prints and accessories that pop. This Fashionista is comfortable yet looks put-together and polished.

One Simple Change: If you want to take this look from day to night, then swap the black sandals for black heels or wedges. Take off the fedora and go for bolder makeup, like a red lip or a dramatic eye.