March 31st, 2016 at 2:00am

Wow! I cannot begin to tell you how amazing this warm weather feels. In the cold winter wind storms I forgot just how much I love spring! The problem with the changing seasons, however, is that it flips from burning hot to icy cold in the blink of an eye. The absolute worst thing is figuring out how to dress for this crazy weather.

Over the weekend, I spotted this Fashionista just coming from brunch, a New York favorite. I love how she took this warm weather vest and translated it into the perfect early spring look. She layered it over a breezy white blouse, creating a stark contrast. What I love most about this Fashionista’s ensemble is that it looks incredibly polished, but it’s actually really comfortable! I’m convinced that slipping into leggings will boost even the grumpiest gal’s mood.

This Fashionista added delicate jewelry to give her simplistic black and white outfit a little extra glimmer. Even her phone case matched her look! And to carry her books, she carried a large black tote, the perfect accessory for any busy student.

As you can probably tell from my page, I am currently obsessed with black and white outfits. There’s something so New York about this chic and timeless palette that just resonates with me. When I’m late for class in the morning and scrambling for an outfit, the easiest thing to do is to is match black with white. So next time you find yourself in this predicament (because this totally happens every school morning), why not try out this Fashionista’s look?

One Simple Change: Getting ready to hop on the plane for spring break? Vacation, here we come! To take this look to the airport, just swap out your heels for a stylish pair of sneakers that’ll keep your feet comfy for the entire flight.