As spring approaches, we tend to ditch the bulk for lighter layers. This gives us the freedom to achieve polished, simplistic looks with minimal effort. Take a page from this Fashionista’s look to create an outfit that is perfect for a nice brunch with friends or family. After all, brunch is the perfect opportunity to incorporate some preppy elements and dress-up what you normally wear to the dining hall.

This Fashionista sets the style bar high for a brunch out with pals. Her look is classy and detail-oriented because she opts for select pieces that represent her interests and fuse her girly and sporty sides. Her white, collared top is a unique take on a traditional Oxford shirt because it is covered with small embroidered anchors. The button-up shirt adds a polished touch, which is balanced by the blue cardigan. Since the rest of the outfit is based on a neutral color palette, the cardigan provides a fresh pop of color that prevents the look from appearing too mature.

This Fashionista shows off her love of crew by wearing her personalized boat shoes in a versatile khaki color and her delicate anchor bracelet. Her outfit is expertly coordinated, as shown by her golden jewelry, the anchor theme of her bracelet and shirt, and the matching blue of her cardigan with the stripes on the inside of her shirt’s collar.

One Simple Change: While this Fashionista’s look is ideal for a sophisticated brunch, a simple change makes it perfect for a job or internship interview. Just swap out the boat shoes for a pair of patent nude flats to create a look that screams “I’m hirable.” It’s a small change that can make a big difference in how this chic look translates to employers. The nude flats keep the look daytime-dressy and ensure that the only casual feature of the outfit is the denim.