We all have mixed feelings about the weekends: we’re ecstatic on Friday since class is over, we’re full of life Saturday night as we get ready to go out and on dreadful Sundays, we realize we didn’t do anything productive and are scrambling to prepare for the week ahead. However,  there’s only one thing that can turn an unpleasant Sunday into a perfect end to the weekend: our beloved friend, brunch.

Now if you’re anything like me, brunch gets you hype. I love waking up on a Sunday, going into New York City and deciding what new restaurant I want to try for brunch. Do I want breakfast? Do I want lunch? The possibilities are endless!

While the food is the most important part of brunch, what you wear is a close second and this Fashionista hit the nail on the head with her brunch outfit. With the temperature slowly increasing, she decided to break out her boyfriend jeans to give this outfit a casual, yet chic feel by pairing it with green booties. She chose to complement this ensemble with a patterned poncho that adds a breezy vibe. She matched her green booties with an army green shirt and finished off her look with simple jewelry. Her makeup is effortless thanks to neutral tones and winged eyeliner that brighten up her already warm features. She’s rocking the runway all the way to brunch!

One Simple Change: Meeting up with your girls later to go out for dinner? Switch out the poncho for a sleek, black motorcycle jacket and throw on some black heels to spice up your outfit.