One of my favorite activities is to go out to eat with friends, family and, well, basically anyone (I know I’m not alone in this!). Probably my favorite meal to go out for is brunch: it’s simply the best. The perfect time of day along with the perfect combination of breakfast and lunch foods–just thinking about it makes me want some chocolate chip pancakes. So, when there is a perfect meal you will need the perfect outfit.

The outfit on this Fashionista is the ideal brunch look. Since you would wear this during the day, these more neutral, muted colors paired with jeans are perfect to create a casual color scheme. The layered look mixed with simple jewelry helps give the look some depth, showing this outfit was not hastily thrown together. Fur vests are an absolute staple this time of year and can be worn in so many ways. I like a vest that goes with everything, but also one like this that stands out. Statement sunglasses like this pair or these new classics would work well to not only protect your eyes during a sunny brunch, but also tie in with the neutral scheme.

One Simple Change: To make this look wearable for night, just switch the shirt and jeans for a short, long sleeve dress. Black, beige or grey generally would work best with the jewelry or vest shown here, but that does not mean patterns or colors are off limits! Experiment and play around–this look works in so many ways.