We may only be a few weeks into this semester, but second semester blues are already kicking in. Cue the Instagram posts counting down to spring break. And don’t forget the endless wishing for beach days instead of library nights. But, personally, if there is anything that can distract me from the impending three months of studying, it’s a nice brunch to start off the new week. Ah, yes, brunch has the power of making you feel like you are just average-college-kid broke rather than the emptied-my-piggy-bank broke that you actually are. It’s a happy time, really.

This Fashionista isn’t letting the slump bring her down. She traded in an oversized T-shirt for a casual, striped dress and thin, denim jacket. To make for a casual daytime look rather than the go-to flip flops, she chose a pair of brown, worn booties. To finish it off she opted for a light makeup look with a subtle pop of pink lipstick. To top it off, she added a long, thin necklace. The best part is that she mixed colors and patterns and accessories to make this look all her own.

I’m usually a big supporter of an all black outfit of the day, just because you don’t have to worry about the clashing colors or patterns or any other “fashion don’ts”. But what I’ve learned is that your style shouldn’t follow any do’s and don’ts. Wear white after Labor Day. Wear fall colors in the spring. Mix colors and patterns and styles. If someone else doesn’t like it, the worst that can happen is that you feel good.

One Simple Change: This outfit can go from brunch to class by just swapping out the booties for a pair of Converse or my new favorite shoes. Walking around campus all day can be killer, so this little change may be a lifesaver by the end of the day.