January 29th, 2016 at 2:00am

It’s time to go back to school. Sadly winter break (the month of sleeping until noon and Netflix binging until 2:00 a.m.) has come to an end. But on the bright side, that means it’s time to be back with friends and where better to “catch up” than a delicious meal we like to call brunch. Whether it’s sipping on mimosas or enjoying a classic eggs benedict, this is the perfect opportunity to dress up and look cute, because let’s be honest, there will probably be pictures taken for Instagram, of course.

This Illinois State University Fashionista accomplished this look to a T. This outfit is perfect for a mid-morning afternoon meal with friends because it’s a trendy look, but doesn’t go overboard, which is exactly what you’d want. With her long, beige short-sleeved sweater to her comfy black, heeled boots, this outfit couldn’t scream “brunch” any louder. To complete the look, she tops it off with some gold accessories that really make her outfit pop. Simple studs and a small necklace are all you really need for this outfit. It adds the perfect touch without taking away from the whole look. What I really love about this outfit is the simplicity of it. The look is not overwhelmed with patterns and accessories, but is still complete with the effortless pieces. Anyone could rock this look—it’s very universal.

One Simple Change: Try a bold lip stick to bring some color into the outfit. A dark purple or even a simple red could be a small step in the right direction and make it perfect for a girl’s night out.