Many college students have discovered a newfound love for brunch, the meal that is not quite breakfast or lunch. The struggle that we all seem to have is finding an outfit that is the most appropriate. Whether you are going to brunch with your family or friends, a fancy brunch outfit does not have to be as hard as it seems. If you gain a little inspiration from this Fashionista’s look, hopefully you won’t end up staring at your closet, trying to figure out what to wear. All you will have to worry about is how to fit all of the food onto your plates!

This gorgeous Fashionista, shows her personal style while still being appropriate for a brunch with the family. The minimal, elegant cranberry dress is the perfect option for a mid-morning meal. With the beautiful lace accent at the top with an appropriate length, you will for sure get people’s attention. This dress is also so easy to pair with a coat if it’s colder outside. She pairs her dress with a simple pair of nude heals that don’t detract from the dress. Another great addition to this Fashionista’s ensemble is her matching cranberry red lips. They add a bit of excitement and drama to the outfit without being too much. She kept the rest of her makeup simple, which is always the way to go when doing a dramatic lip color.

One Simple Change: Want to wear this dress to your next formal? Try swapping your nude heels for a pair of lace-up silver or gold heels; it is an easy way to elevate this look from day to night. You can also switch from the dark lip to a smoky eye.