November 13th, 2015 at 2:00am

In an age where everything seems to move at the speed of light, it seems funny that millennials connect over something much slower and relaxed—brunch. When Sunday hits, we all do our best to hide the fact that we stayed out for much too long the night before and drag ourselves out of bed to bond over good food and better conversation. And while we’re all guilty of snapchatting our food or texting at the table, brunch is a time to get back to the basics—to catch up and savor company over technology. This Fashionisto proves that sometimes simple is better with his classic, tailored look.

I think one of the reasons women love menswear is because of its simplicity. Many of the pieces embody the “slow fashion” movement that has caused success for brands like Uniqlo. The millennial generation, while trendy, like to get the best bang for their buck, which comes from quality and longevity. This look brings slow fashion looks together to embody the minimalistic trend. This look is perfect for not just brunch, but virtually any weekend activity that steals you away from Netflix.

This classic look screams “male blogger off duty” and offers a nod to this Fashionisto’s style icon—Justin Livingston of Scout Sixteen. The white T-shirt and beige cardigan are crisp and set the foundation for layering. The classic Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses and gold watch tailor this New England outfit, acting as the finishing touches to a thoughtful look. When temperatures drop, add a navy peacoat or a bright beanie for the perfect winter uniform.

One Simple Change: Throw on some chunky readers and a pair of sneakers to make this the perfect ensemble for a day of studying. You’ll be the most style smart student at the library.