With the beginning of chilly fall mornings and even colder nights it leaves us college students with two choices for Saturday night plans: leave the comfort of our apartments and freeze or stay in for a wine night with the girls. When choosing, remember the latter can be followed up with mid-morning brunch. So, let’s just say with the promise of brunch the following day, we’ll all be snuggling with our roomies watching Netflix for the evening.

Brunch is the best of both worlds: breakfast and lunch; it is also the best of both fashion worlds: comfy yet stylish. When styling an outfit for brunch, it’s important to keep both of those factors in mind. Your outfit needs to be cute enough for the endless amount of selfies and pictures you and your friends are going to take but it needs to be comfy enough to indulge in pumpkin pancakes with extra whipped cream on top and not feel like a button needs to come undone.

Start the outfit with an oversized, slouchy cardigan. This cardigan will keep you warm and cozy while keeping the outfit casual. Wearing a crop top gives the outfit a touch of sexy, which can make up for the fact that you stayed in on Saturday night. When choosing a pair of jeans, especially for brunch, choose a comfortable, stretchy denim, preferably in a dark wash. Lastly, to complete the look, choose a pair of heels that can give your casual brunch outfit a little flair.

One Simple Change: Part of the beauty of this outfit is that it’s so versatile. While this outfit is styled for a weekend brunch, it can seamlessly transition to a parent’s weekend setting. To make the transition, change the crop top to a silk chiffon blouse, making the outfit a little more modest. Next, change your heels to a pair of stylish flats. Choose a color and design that will add some pizazz to the outfit. Keep both the cardigan and the denim, as they are perfect for the occasion.