December 29th, 2015 at 2:00am

So you want to dress up for some pictures, go with your girls, get some waffles and mimosas and have an excuse to share some juicy gossip about the Saturday before when that one girl better regret talking to your ex-boyfriend. Yes, I am talking about brunch.

This Fashionista knows exactly how to dress for the occasion in the winter season of Arizona. Maroon will always be a winter and fall color, and it isn’t going anywhere. Booties with a chunky heel? Yes please. To top it off, a necklace that makes way too much noise when you walk lets people know that you’re walking through the door in hopes of getting that Instagram that will look great with that new filter you have been dying to use.

Pairing the simple maroon dress with a statement necklace is a must to tie any outfit together. It keeps an outfit classy while letting this Fashionista be comfortable strutting her stuff with an extra five inches added to her height. Her lace-up booties seem to be in style for a while now, so you can’t go wrong there. Browns and maroons remind everyone of the fall season that is much missed among the stereotypical white girls. When else can I buy a pumpkin spice latte while wearing some Lulu leggings in a pumpkin patch? But I’m getting off-topic now. It’s winter. Time to move on to throwing snow up in the air while pretending to laugh with your best friend over nothing.

One Simple Change: If you want to turn this outfit into something you can wear to class, lose the necklace and heels. You can simply wear flatter boots and add a brown scarf to be comfortable enough to sit through that lecture for the class you still know nothing about.