October 23rd, 2015 at 2:00am

Fall has finally reached East Tennessee and if your area is anything like here, with that fall forecast comes some confusion. In the morning it can be extremely chilly but by mid-day you could be sweating. This Fashionista shows how to dress smart for the crazy weather while still looking stylish for brunch with friends.

The first item that jumped out at me on her outfit was the cardigan. The burnt orange helps it stand out against the black, not to mention that the color just screams fall. The fringe along the bottom helps make the sweater more casual and trendy, like this navy blue one. Cardigans are also a simple fix for those cold morningss and when it starts to warm up you can just take it off with no big fuss. Also, the cream stripes match perfectly to the font on her shirt, and helps the outfit flow flawlessly.

Graphic shirts are a perfect way to take a normal outfit and make it more edgy. You can keep it simple like this white one or have a full quote like this Fashionista. Illustrative tops like hers can be found in so many places at almost any price which makes it easy for you to find one you love.

Since the top portion of her outfit is busier, she chose to keep the bottom half more simple. She wore some black jeans to match her black shirt and neutral sandals. She finished off her look with a gold watch and aqua stud earrings.

Take notes from this Fashionista and dress smart for the unpredictable fall weather.

One Simple Change: When the weather gets cold for good, how can you still wear this outfit? Simply switch out the sandals for cute boots like this black pair and layer a jacket over the cardigan.