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October 23rd, 2015 at 2:06am

As you turn in from that raging party Saturday night and get ready for bed, you can’t help but think about what Sunday will have in store for you. Whether that be homework, sleeping in or just going to catch a movie, the best part of Sunday, seems to be going to brunch. Yes, this seems like a common and basic thing to do on a Sunday afternoon, but who doesn’t love catching up on rest and having eggs Benedict after 11:00 a.m.? Clearly, everyone loves it. What’s ideal on these days is to dress comfortably, but with style and ease. I think there really needs to be a handbook for this type of Sunday ritual, but for now this look will give you Fashionistas/os an idea on how to keep the look chill.

Even though fall is technically here, the forecasts are still on the cusp of actual appropriate weather for this season. This Fashionisto took this into consideration, and dressed warm, but not to the point where he was excessively layered. With the usual browns, reds, beiges and other various colors for this season in mind, the Fashionisto started out his look by wearing an awesome burgundy beanie. Just think, you’ll be ready to take the chilly brunch afternoon on with a great beanie. To give more of a collegiate feel, the Fashionisto threw on his “P” sweatshirt. A sweatshirt isn’t exactly the best protection for really cold weather like a sweater is, but the Fashionisto thought very carefully about how he would last against the elements during the day.

The Fashionisto continued with the seasonal colors by adding some olive green chinos to his look. These trousers work very well with this ensemble because it doesn’t take away from the other pieces. Even though they are simple in color and aren’t extremely bold, the color gives support where it’s due. The Fashionisto drew in the whole outfit by putting on monochromatic sneakers by Nike. If the Fashionisto is late to his brunch date, by all means he may have to sprint so that way his sweetie-pie doesn’t pour scorching hot coffee over his head. To finish off the look, the Fashionisto added a watch to tell if he will have to evade the brunch date at some point, and a leather bracelet to add on to the simplicity.

One Simple Change: If you know that you may have to go to dinner the same night with a couple of friends, throwing on a dark navy blue mac coat and changing the sneakers to chukka boots will help you transition with ease.