November 27th, 2015 at 2:00am

There is one word that gets all New Yorkers excited, and that is brunch. It’s a fantastic thing because it means we get the chance to eat our favorite breakfast foods with mimosas while being able to still sleep until noon. Meeting a new friend? Brunch. Discussing a report? Brunch. Looking for an excuse to have a little party in the afternoon? Brunch. Now, that we know how big the spot in my heart is for brunch, let’s get to the details. Choosing a restaurant everyone agrees on might be frustrating; knowing what to wear shouldn’t be.

It’s a Sunday afternoon here, and I found this awesome Fashionista rocking the perfect representation of a friend date. She is off to a quiet place uptown, so she decided to go with a more classic look. Pairing a sweet skirt with a classic button-down called for an effortless morning. She recommended that you should always be comfortable when going out especially during the day. You don’t want to have to worry about the height of your heels or length of your dress when just going out with some friends. Wedges are so convenient for city strolls while also adding that extra touch to the outfit. Just enjoy yourself and wear what feels natural!

One Simple Change: So, you get a text from your coworker asking if you want to meet up for drinks directly after? No worries! A simple change from the structured feminine skirt to ripped jeans and heels makes this look more evening appropriate while still being completely on trend.