September 15th, 2015 at 2:00am

I don’t know if it is just a Los Angeles thing, but brunch is quickly taking over the food game. If you drive down the streets of L.A. on weekend mornings and early afternoons, you are bound to see hordes of people waiting outside of trendy establishments with hanging succulents and mason jars galore, for bottomless mimosas and “Instagram-worthy” dishes. For college students, brunch is a way to justify sleeping through breakfast and having pancakes at 1:00 p.m., and for friends to debrief the previous night’s adventures and procrastinate before attacking that pile of uncompleted work. When people go to brunch, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all simultaneously explode with photos so Fashionistas/os know to come prepared.

When it comes to the perfect brunch outfit, the possibilities are endless! No one can resist the versatility of lacy dress shorts, (which are less restrictive than their skirt counterparts, but equally as fashionable) a chic chiffon blouse and muted oxfords . This Fashionista keeps it simple and classy in neutral hues to achieve an effortless style. However, she adds some edge to this classic look with a must-have fall item, the felt floppy hat, and a stunning statement necklace. Floppy hats can hide bad hair days or take any look to the next level. This one perfectly complements the shorts, as to not draw attention away from the necklace. With this outfit, this gorgeous Fashionista will be sure to sneak in a few photos of herself amidst the obligatory food pics.

One Simple Change: This combination of pieces already creates a timeless look that can easily transition from day to night. Just switch out those oxfords for a pair of wedges or heeled booties, and you’re all set for the perfect girl’s night out!