Sunday brunch is a part of the culture in London town. Just within walking distance from South Kensington to the London Pepperdine house is a square of charming cafes and eateries. I’m talking Creperies, coffee places that serve avocado toast and good ol’ English breakfast. Think all of your Instagram goals just waiting to be achieved.

As per usual, cute scenery calls for an adorable outfit. This can be achieved with a classy sweater and dress combination. Go for a printed black and white number that features a classic collar. To add a splash of color, pair your dress with a oversized sweater in a bright color. This red one stands out so well on its own but also complements the dress. London can get pretty chilly; therefore, the oversized nature of this sweater is super cozy yet chic. Finally, stick with an ankle boot if you want to wear something with height. You’ll get more ankle support when sprinting across those United Kingdom streets. City drivers can be a little bit crazy! Finally, add a little detail with a monogrammed necklace. Nothing beats a personalized accessory.

Whether you are across the pond like I am or back in the United States, you can live your Blair Waldorf brunch dreams to the “T.” Make sure to enjoy the best meal of the day (in my opinion) with some friends, and take lots Pinterest worthy photos along the way!

One Simple Change: Just finished brunch and realized you have a study date in 15 minutes? No worries! Just switch out the dress for a pair of black jeggings and button up the sweater all the way. Next, switch out your ankle boots for some flats. The outfit is easy, warm and feels like pajamas!