Browse the Instagram feed of any committed health blogger and, alongside colorful brunches with tropical fruits and fresh veggies, you definitely will have an itch to go out for brunch with friends. Summer may be drawing to an end, but there are still some stunning looks left to go. August is now your time to pack up and hit the road. Why not pick up some colors or prints that you haven’t tried yet, and show up with a bang? This week, let’s have a look at this Fashionista’s outfit for brunch. Hopefully, you will get inspired by her surprising color-blocks and bold prints.

The mini skirt can be one of summer’s greatest pleasures. This Fashionista is also showing her crush on this multicolor skirt. This delicate skirt with bold prints and nice composition just brightens this Fashionista’s morning and lights up her new day. There are plenty of mini skirts you should try and I happened to find another gorgeous one from Topshop. For her top, this Fashionista opted for a solid colored T-shirt. It’s a very smart decision to match a multicolor skirt with a relatively quiet top. When it comes to the color of the T-shirt, she picked a lavender one, which is quite surprising. When most people believe that black and white are the only “safe” colors that exist, it is your time to prove them wrong. For the choice of bag, this Fashionista carried a bucket bag from H&M; it perfectly goes with her whole outfit.

One Simple Change: What if you are going to run errands after brunch? Wearing a skirt may not be the best choice, since you may look for something comfortable for walk. Just switch this mini skirt to a pair of culottes!