Over the years, brunch has become more and more of a cultural norm, especially for those of us in college. After all, who wants to wake up in time for regular old breakfast on the weekends? Living in LA, the newfound popularity of brunch has been particularly noticeable, as has the laid back style that goes along with it.

In my hometown, brunch really wasn’t a common thing. If you went to Sunday brunch, it usually had to be somewhere expensive and fancy, and therefore, was only reserved for special occasions. However, the amount of places to brunch in LA is astounding. Of course, there are still the ridiculously overpriced restaurants that no college student would ever dare step foot in. But there are more and more casual brunch spots that are just packed on the weekends.

This addition of more affordable and, in my opinion, more enjoyable brunches has also allowed the event to be a more relaxed affair for brunch-goers—something that all college students are grateful for. As seen with this Fashionisto, it is perfectly acceptable to wear shorts and a T-shirt to brunch. In fact, if you dress the way that people did for brunch back home, you might even be looked at a little weird. And, similar to this case, this simple look is completed with Rainbows and topped off with a basic pair of Ray-Ban wayfarers, creating a classic Southern Californian style. Because, really, what good SoCal resident leaves the house without their Rainbows and sunglasses?

One Simple Change: Contrary to popular belief, Southern California actually does have seasons. So, you can imagine that it’s probably not a good idea to head out to brunch with friends in shorts and flip flops on a rainy winter day. Don’t worry though, it’s an easy fix; just throw on jeans, some Sperry Top-Siders and a coat, and you can beat the weather while keeping your preppy Californian look intact.