Our generation considers brunch to be a cultural phenomenon. It’s a way to hang out with friends, eat a great meal and definitely show off your personal style. With the thousands of breakfast restaurants around the globe, it’s easy to incorporate your style for a late morning (or for some of us, early afternoon), destination for some waffles and coffee.

This Fashionista did a great job at looking fancy, but not too fancy. Choosing to wear a blue cotton dress shows off her skin tone, and keeps the look casual enough to be considered brunch material. The white lace detailing on the top of the dress shows off this Fashionista’s figure and adds a little fun to a simple dress.

I personally am OBSESSED with hats and I hope that the trend never goes away! The floppy hat that this Fashionista chose to pair with her outfit adds an effortless vibe to the overall look and made a nice pairing with the Steve Madden wedges. Hats are super adorable and look good on anyone (they also hide your bad hair days…what more could you ask for?).

You can wear virtually anything to brunch as long as you rock it with confidence. Choosing to create a rocking outfit isn’t hard to do, and is always a fun way to express yourself and eat some great food to recover from the weekend.

One Simple Change: Pair white jeans and a bright top with the hat and wedges for an even more casual look that can also be practical when the weather cools down.