Brunch has been something that I have known about for quite a while now. It always seemed like something that you did on Sunday after church with you family to me though. I have never seen a place, such as New York City, where the people take brunch so seriously. There are some serious die hard brunchers and good thing there are limitless options as it seems that every restaurant serves brunch now.

Whether you are attending brunch festivities with your grandmother or with your friends, it is always nice to get a little dressed up for an occasion. This Fashionista looks beautiful and very grown-up in this ensemble, as she is nicely dressed while still being casual.

Her pleated mid length skirt is so elegant and it has great movement and flow when she walks and turns. This skirt is the perfect length to be classic, but still shows a little skin. It works for a casual or more sophisticated restaurant so she made the right choice of top for this skirt as well. A fitted tank top is good for this more loose-fitting skirt. I love the unique cut of this tank top as it is flattering and seems very versatile.

Now in order to be properly proper, obviously heels are in order and this Fashionista’s classic black pumps really pull this whole outfit together. Whenever I get dressed up, I like to pull out the things that I don’t normally wear on a daily basis. These shoes are what every woman needs in her closet and they are just the right height to still be comfortable! Finally, a simple wrist accessory, like this watch, is all you need to complete this look.

One Simple Change: You’re all done with brunch, kiss granny goodbye and now it’s off to meet your friends to roam the town or get a few more bloody mary’s while the restaurants are still serving the brunch menu. This outfit is so versatile that just about any bottom swap would work. High-waisted jeans would look great and considering it is still summer though, maybe a pair of fun floral shorts!