Some trends never die. They bounce back season to season and become more prominent than ever. The first time I really acknowledged plaid as a trend was back when I was in seventh grade. I was walking through my local Forever 21 and all I saw was rows and rows of plaid shirts in an array of different colors, usually in black with a contrast of a bright color. It almost looked grunge punk to me.

As time wore on, plaid has grown out of its basic stage to become adaptable and stylish to a wider audience of Fashionistas. Even though plaid may seem like a basic pattern, a trip to your favorite store will tell you otherwise. I’ve been really digging the more subtle plaid shirts in light colors for the summer like this one. What I love about plaid shirts is its versatility. You can pair is with a dark pair of jeans with some booties for the fall. For the warmer weather you can throw on a light plaid shirt over a dress as a substitute for a cardigan. Plaid has come a long way from just being a print for shirts. It has revolutionized into shirt dresses, skirts, pants and shorts. You name it, there really is no limitation to this trend.

To fend off the summer heat but keep on trend as well, this Fashionista tied her red plaid shirt around her waist. By keeping the rest of her outfit simple with black shorts and a white T-shirt she is able to pull of an effortless summer look. This outfit is casual yet stylish, it would be perfect for catching up with friends through brunch.

One Simple Change: To take this look from day to night swap the shorts for a nice pair of denim jeans.