July 27th, 2015 at 2:00am

There’s nothing like grabbing brunch with your friends here in New York City. Hearing the birds chirping while gracefully passing by other people in their summer outfits, suddenly the pressure to dress nicely feels real. The weather here in New York City has gotten a lot hotter, so how do we dress in that perfect outfit and still dress for the occasion?

For an occasion like brunch, it is important to be comfortable, yet still dressed up. Because the two factors seem to be complete opposites, figuring out what to wear is not so easy. However, this Fashionista nails it with her outfit. “I’m not into dressing up too fancy. It’s just really not my style,” she states as she looks down at her shoes. With the relaxed fit of her trousers and the slightly oversized top, it gives her the relaxed, comfortable feel. Yet, at the same time, the outfit still looks well put together because of how well she managed to match each piece with one another. It is always safe to wear black and white; in fact, dealing with too many colors could make the outfit look overwhelming. To accessorize, she then makes the black top stand out a little more by wearing a necklace. “Accessories can really make or break the outfit. You need to choose carefully,” she firmly states. In her case, the necklace and her choices of earrings did her a favor because the simplicity of the black and white in her garments transitions well to the jewelry.

One Simple Change: Need to translate this look for another occasion? This look can easily also work for an outfit to wear to class. Just minimize the accessories; for example, consider wearing a necklace that is not as noticeable. Overall, this outfit is a laid back look, but does not give off the feel that it is too casual.