While summer is quickly coming to an end, there is one occasion that will continue year round. Although it’s rare to find a restaurant that serves brunch on weekdays, knowing that Sunday can be your day to end your weekend with a full stomach could turn into a tradition. Just make sure to find a convenient, well-known restaurant that serves brunch, invite your closest friends and dress in style. This will allow you to get out of the house, forget about your busy schedule, dress up and catch up with friends once a week.

Starting with her floral print bell-bottom pants, this Fashionista’s style gives you a blast from the past. While the ’70s style continues to make an appearance into today’s fashion industry, these are a great way to conquer those chilly summer days or even transition into fall. The azure blue sweater coincides well with her bottoms and is light enough for summer but warm enough to stay comfortable in the air-conditioned restaurants.

Lastly, she pairs a handmade necklace to add some color and detail to her upper half without taking away from her main piece. Handmade jewelry is always a great piece to add to any outfit and is a great conversation starter.

One Simple Change: Don’t have pockets to throw your phone and money in? Find a neutral color clutch to bring to all of your brunch dates. This will not only keep your hands free or your money and phone safe but also adds an extra accessory to your outfit.