It’s been a long week and the weekend is finally here. You stretch out in bed after an undisturbed, noise free sleep as you hazily glance at your alarm clock… tossed across the room, of course. You get a message from a friend to meet up for brunch in a bit but the bed strangely got a lot more comfortable. Gain 10 more minutes of sleep or loose 10 minutes to get ready? Oh, the dilemma! Whatever shall you do? Surely there’s more to the weekend than sweatpants and T-shirts?

Okay, I’m being a little (just a little) bit over dramatic, but who doesn’t love winding down during the weekend? This Fashionista shows us that “winding down” doesn’t mean you have to throw your style out the window. Looking effortless in this little yellow dress and white sandals, the Fashionista prioritizes comfort without compromising style. The dainty accessories and tousled hair add the easy, breezy vibe usually associated with the weekend. The pop of color screams summer and basically sums up my thoughts when I think brunch—a day out with the girls with lots of laughter and good food as we all catch up on each other’s week. Pondering about my outfit? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

One Simple Change: Thinking of transitioning this ensemble to a look appropriate for dinner leading to a girl’s night out? Swap the sandals for black strap heels, sleek your hair back into a high pony tail and don’t you forget to sport a bold lip. Just like that, you’re ready to take the night!