July 20th, 2015 at 2:10am

If you’re anything like me, your summer weekends revolve around watching 30 Rock sans pants with your arm elbow deep in a bag of Chex Mix and a small pile of empty Diet Coke cans next to the bed. Much to our chagrin, sometimes us off-duty Fashionistas and Fashionistos can be caught a little off guard when someone asks us to leave our comfy bat cave and participate in the outside world.

Be it a concert in the park, a coffee date or a trip to Target, putting on actual pants and making yourself look like less like a schmuck can seem…difficult. Half of the time, us fashionably gifted folk can get away with the bed head and slouchy T-shirt look, but unfortunately not when it comes to the most mysterious and ambiguous eating event of all…brunch.

Nope, not lunch with friends where you can easily pull off wearing your pajama top. We’re talkin’ the good ol’ fashioned Muffy and Buffy soirée where you constantly ask yourself beforehand “Is this top too revealing to eat thinly sliced breakfast meat?” and keep scolding yourself for wanting to wear jeans. Be it brunch with your grandma, your significant other or your parents, the guidelines of appropriate attire can seem a little fuzzy.

To keep it simple, don’t go too casual. Avoid wearing jeans or denim shorts, keep the workout pants in the hamper and please, toss the sneakers. The occasion isn’t wildly fancy, but you shouldn’t look like you stepped out of your 8:00 a.m. chemistry class. A fresh face is the best way to go! Unless you’re Kendall Jenner’s makeup artists, skip the contouring and keep the makeup more natural and focus on just looking clean. Finally, keep it simple. You don’t have to put together an intricate Project Runway style ensemble made entirely of coffee filters and orange peels. Wear something easy that you feel good in!

Take a tip from this Fashionista and opt for an easy summer romper as it’s only one piece of clothing so you don’t have to scramble to find both bottoms and a top. Throw on a pair of comfy gladiator sandals, a statement cuff and earrings and go eat some waffles.

One Simple Change: Take your brunch look from day to date night by kicking off your sandals and exchanging them for a funky pair of cork wedges, a season staple. Swipe on a bright lipstick and hit the road, Fashionista!