July 13th, 2015 at 2:00am

Call me basic, but I love a good brunch. There’s something about gossiping with my girlfriends over an eggs benedict that makes me feel like I’m living in a real life episode of Sex and the City. Although my brunches might not be as glamorous as Carrie Bradshaw’s, it doesn’t mean I enjoy them any less! Sharing stories on a Sunday afternoon after a long weekend is a college ritual among my friends at school and not only is it entertaining, but it’s also a great excuse to dress up. Whether you’re going to brunch at the local diner or the dining hall, there’s never a reason NOT to feel and look fabulous.

When trying to look fancy and comfortable, there’s nothing I love more than an easy statement dress. At first glance, a statement dress can seem intimidating for a daytime event but playing with casual accessories can actually dress it down tremendously. This Fashionista’s patterned dress is covered in all sorts of funky prints and colors but her simple shoes and jewelry make it much more causal for brunch. Her white sandals match the bohemian vibe of the dress, along with her gold bracelet. Also, the aviator-style sunglasses add a cool and calm finishing touch (especially if you get a table outside).

Although patterned dresses may not seem like a big necessity, they are so easy to throw on when you want to look classy without trying super hard. Having the will to get up and go out on a Sunday afternoon can be tough after the weekend but not having to struggle with putting together an outfit may ease the pain. A statement dress does all the work for you and you still get to look remarkable! Now, there’s only one way to celebrate a fashion win this big, and that’s to reserve a table at your favorite spot and get your brunch on!

One Simple Change: Dress up this look by pairing your patterned dress with a pair of neutral or nude heels and a bright, solid clutch. This takes your outfit from a girl’s day brunch to a girl’s night out (which will hopefully be followed by brunch the next day!).