July 14th, 2015 at 2:00am

We as Fashionistas, when we think of trends, we think of clothes and designers because that is innate in us. We can’t help it. Stepping out of the fashion world for a bit, a popular trend in 2015 is “ Where are we going to eat for brunch today?” It is all about the popular and  fun environment you will be eating in. Of course, with an interesting place to go, you need a comfortable presentable outfit. You never know who you will meet or how many pictures you will be taking.

I choose this Fashionista as my model this week because of her bohemian look. She has a long black dress that passes her knees that she transforms into a skirt with her T-shirt. She ties the T-shirt right above her hips to give her loose dress shape. The smallest details such as how she ties the knot on her T-shirt makes a difference in this outfit. If she had tied the knot directly in the middle it would have looked planned and not as boho. When I think of the boho style, I think of hippies being free and effortless. The loose T-shirt and the effortless knot is a great way to play with your boyfriends white tee.

Her gladiator sandals also make her outfit bohemian. The tan gladiator sandals are a great alternative for the summer. It will be much more comfortable than grabbing the typical tan fringe boots that hippies are always wearing. Lastly, her effortless waves in her hair completes the look. Loose beach waves are the way to go when eating out with friends especially when you do not want to use heat in your hair. Just put your hair in a bun over night and voila beach waves. You are ready to go food hopping.

One Simple Change: You are done eating out with you friends but you just remembered you have a hot date later that night. Lose the loose T-shirt and wear the loose black dress on its own. The flow of the dress will give it a romantic feel.