After a long week of working that lovely nine-to-five, who wants to wake up and make their own breakfast? Exactly, neither one of us! I’d rather sleep in past 10:00 a.m. and quickly dress to beat the brunch rush. My favorite place to grab brunch is Sanford’s because their peanut butter pancakes are to die for. I love my coffee black and this place brews the perfect cup of joe. Unfortunately, they have been in revocation for a few weeks, so I like to use the Yelp application to find new brunch spots with RAD reviews. Luckily for me Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan have great selections to explore. Plus, many brunch spots have awesome decorations that make killer Instagram shots.

This Fashionisto looks super stylish for brunch. Typically, people keep it subtle and casual when out going for brunch. Don’t get me wrong, casual is cool, but he totally nailed this color. Denim is a summer essential and comes in varies shades. This UNIQLO denim shirt is the perfect blue to balance the vibrant orange in his chino shorts. He is wearing a pair of black leather loafers from Bachelor shoes, hand-crafted in Spain. Ooh, talk about fancy! Those loafers must feel like you’re walking on clouds. As you may know, I’m obsessed with sunglasses. So, it comes to no surprise that I love these Oakley Frogskins. Colored reflective sunglasses have become fairly trendy within the last two summers. These are made of great quality and are totally affordable. He wore a few cool bracelets that represent his favorite sports team and charity; let’s go, Knicks!

One Simple Change: Now that you’ve had great food and can think straight, you might want to go enjoy some fun in the sun. Whether it’s a bike ride, trip to the beach or BBQ, try this outfit by wearing a short sleeve button-down for more comfort over the weekend.