It’s been a long week. You’ve had two midterms, it was your best friend’s birthday and sleep wasn’t really an option. What better way to celebrate the end of a stressful week than a well-deserved brunch? Pancakes, waffles and omelets galore, but not without the perfect outfit.

In more cases than most, simplicity is key. When getting together with your besties comes earlier than you would have liked, it’s crucial to dress yourself with no stress. This Fashionista rocks a classic black and white striped T-shirt dress for comfort, yet looks fabulous too! T-shirt dresses prove to be incredibly versatile and are fitting for almost any occasion. Paired with some simple and comfy white high-tops and gold rimmed aviators, this look is complete with little to no accessories needed! For extra style and convenience, she carries a small black cross-body purse with a gold chain. With only a few accents of gold, this Fashionista proves that color is not necessary in order to complete a look; black and white do very well on their own. She is all set for the best morning with her friends, and looks the best, too.

One Simple Change: Plans scheduled in the evening rather than in the morning? No problem. Ditch the sneakers and replace with strappy heels. Add some gold hoops and even some classic gold bangles, throw your hair up in a sock bun, swipe on some hot red lipstick and you’re ready to take the town by storm for a girl’s night out!