This Fashionisto was caught at a rooftop bar in New York City. I was hanging out with friends over there to enjoy our brunch on Sunday morning. This outfit attracted my attention because it was something dressy and casual. It is great to dress up on a sunny Sunday to enjoy brunch with friends. There is nothing better than sleeping in and taking a break from the campus life to meet some friends for a nice brunch. This Fashionisto was able to show his style by combining some simple things: a belt, bright shorts and a colorful shirt.

I took pictures at this rooftop bar so you can see how this outfit matches the daily life in New York City. This casual outfit started with a woven shirt by Ralph Lauren. It was very light and comfortable for a typical summer Sunday morning. This Fashionisto paired his colorful woven shirt with sky blue shorts. It brought the bright colors to life. The belt just bonded the colorful shirt and the bright short together. This combination was perfect in a way that you could enjoy the sun and being a lively college student. Comfortable shoes are necessary since people might want to go shopping with friends after brunch. This Fashionisto wore a pair of boat shoes to go along with his look because they are comfortable and practical yet have a sophisticated-funk kind of style.

One Simple Change: Brunch is always a fun meal to have, especially when you are out with friends. If you want to walk around the downtown area at night, there is no need to change your entire outfit. You can easily dress up your nighttime outfit by swapping your woven shirt for a dress shirt.