It’s not as light and casual as breakfast and it’s not as heavy or formal as lunch. A brunch is somewhere between. It is the perfect late start to anyone’s day and the perfect excuse to meet up with a friend or introduce a new boy to the parents. It’s informal enough to be considered a good first date, yet classy enough to be considered… a good first date. So what does one wear when they need to ride the line between dressed down and dressed up?

Denim. Denim is continuously going in and out of style, careening around in the shape of jeans and overalls, skirts and dresses, even hats and shoes—and there’s a good reason for that: denim is comfortable and the right shade of blue can be made to fit just about any outfit on just about any occasion. While the “denim on denim” jeans and jacket look is currently big in casual unisex fashion, something must be said for this Fashionista who reached into her closet and took out this subtle statement.

I always say you can’t pull something off unless you first put it on. Kudos to this Fashionista for taking a chance and making a denim dress work with the addition of a white and gold handbag and faux leather peep toe heels.

One Simple Change: Being relatively unfamiliar to a large city can be very intimidating. How do you solve this type of problem? Because of the wide variety of styles that can go with denim and the recent trending fashion of wearing tennis shoes with dresses, an easy switch can be made from the heels to a comfy pair of white tennis shoes (with gold trim, if you want to go the extra mile to match that purse). Now, we’re ready to start acquainting ourselves with the city, one tourist destination at a time.