Now that classes have ended, a majority of college students are returning to their hometowns to enjoy summer break. Since they are returning home, you might want to call up some close family members or friends so that you can reunite and catch up on what happened over your semester at school. Why not go out for brunch together? Whether brunch is spent indoors or outdoors, here is a great summer look that is perfect for the occasion.

A romper is essential for everyone’s summer closet. Since this article of clothing is one piece, it is easy to throw on and style for any occasion. For instance, if you are going out to a summer brunch, a romper will keep you cool, comfortable and stylish. Here, our Fashionista is wearing a black romper with neutral sandals. This particular romper is black and classic. However, the combination of the silver zippers and cut of the fabric give the romper a lot of personality. By pairing this look with a pair of silver and beige sandals, this Fashionista completed her look successfully. Not only do the silver zippers match the silver accents found on her sandals, but the beige color of the sandals was also translated onto the Fashionista’s nails. This casual and trendy look makes for the perfect summer brunch outfit.

One Simple Change: Although this look is casual, this romper can easily be dressed up for a formal occasion. By pairing this black romper with a pair of beige heels and a statement necklace, the look becomes much more formal. Add a matching clutch, and you would be ready to go!