Sigh. Thank you Lord, for this day off. Every Sunday is a special day because we are able to unwind from our busy week and be able to spend some quality time with our families. Going out to brunch with the family is a really important thing to do because not only are you bonding, but you are enjoying a delicious meal. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, in this case breakfast and lunch…brunch. Oh, I’ll have the eggs Benedict please.

Allowing time off to enjoy a day with your family is extremely important. I know some of us are lazy and want to eat our “brunch” in a pair of sweats, but you have to put in some effort. This week’s Fashionista was a perfect example of what to look like when you are going out for brunch. The contrast of blue and yellow showed that she was excited and eager to a meal with the family. Her outfit defined the perfect summer dress to wear to a brunch. She looked casual yet chic. Her parents must have not only been happy to see the meal, but to see how lavish she was looking.

The bubbly Fashionista wore a bright yellow dress with a blue statement necklace that gave a pop of color to her dress. She also carried a matching KORS Michael Kors wallet that went perfectly with her necklace. The Fashionista used a color-block purse from Aldo, that adds a completely different look to the outfit. The outfit was as bubbly as her personality, which is vibrant, colorful and breath-taking.

One Simple Change: Going on a vacation next week and not sure what outfits to take with you? Well, this is definitely one of them! Whether it’s out to brunch, or on vacation with a couple of friends, switch out the flats for a pair of heels, and you’re good to go!