It is said that the tradition of “Brunch” was invented for the purpose of curing a certain consequence that occurs the day after one has consumed one too many alcoholic beverages. Though invented by a British man, American culture has made brunch a time for the posh and aptly groomed, to indulge in breakfast foods well after the appropriate hour.

The only thing this Fashionisto is missing for brunch time? A copy of Sunday’s paper under his arm and a cup of coffee in hand.

Linen material is always a good idea when you’re headed to a semi-formal brunch. The material is thin and breezy, great for sitting on the patio at a “café-style” restaurant. The Fashionisto’s shirt is not only linen but also two-toned as well, making a usually formal type of shirt (the classic button-down) into a more casual option for an in-between-meal.

Although they are probably more function than fashion, his spectacles give the outfit a little something. Ray-Ban is one of my favorite brands for glasses; their frames are always very thick and hold up well. I think they can give an outfit an effortless ease by saying, “I don’t have time to put in contacts because I just rolled out of bed.”

Last but not least, this year’s favorite shoe, the Birkenstock, is what makes this a fit for casual brunch. Birkenstocks are everywhere now, and in my opinion, they seem to give the wearer the ability to look either a) NYC high fashion or b) California beachy vibes. This Fashionisto is definitely giving off the beachy vibes.

One Simple Change: This look is already somewhat casual, but you can always tone it down. A short sleeve button-up, with slightly cuffed sleeves, is just the trick to take this Fashionisto from brunch to an outdoor concert.