Every Fashionista has gone through the struggle of not knowing what to wear at least once in a lifetime. Personally, I have a closet and a couple of drawers full of clothing and still find myself struggling with what to wear.

I’m here to help you put together the perfect outfit out with some friends for a couple of mimosas at brunch on a warm summer day. Not all super heroes wear capes, not that capes are ever a good look unless you’re Angelina Jolie or something.

Word of advice, you never want to look like you’re trying too hard and it’s best to wear light makeup and casual clothing. our Fashionista is wearing a light and loose-fitting cheetah crop top with slits on the side. Cheetah print is eye-catching enough to avoid throwing on more style and prints to an outfit as it is always either a hit or miss when it comes to mixing different types of prints. The slits on her crop top sex it up from a basic look to one that makes a statement.

This Fashionista pairs her crop top with high-waisted denim shorts and Converse. This combination gives the perfect casual vibe for a simple brunch with the girls. I especially love her accessories with midi rings that are rising in the fashion industry.

One Simple Change: If you would like to take this look from a casual brunch date with friends to a night out, you can pair the crop top with a short leather skirt and a pair of pumps. You would be sure to catch the eye of everyone at the bar.