There’s nothing better than sleeping in and taking a break from the campus life to meet some friends for a nice brunch. If you’ve watched as many Gossip Girl episodes as I have, you know that brunch is no joke. While Blair Waldorf may have just used it as an excuse to drink multiple Mimosas, this Fashionista treated it as an opportunity to show off her unique style.

I caught this Fashionista as she was browsing through some novels at a local bookstore, and couldn’t help but capture her adorable ensemble before she headed off to brunch. Keeping it simple, she paired a white, sheer top with light wash skinny jeans. This blouse also features beautiful and intricate lace detailing on the back. This top can become an essential in anyone’s closet during the summer because it’s easy to slip on and matches everything. You can dress it up or dress it down; it’s just all about how you accessorize it.

The accessories she chose make this outfit perfect for a brunch, such as the wide brimmed hat. Not only does her hat keep the outfit trendy, but it also helps to shield her eyes from the sun. It is the perfect addition to any summer style, and can easily cover up messy bed head if you’re running late to brunch. The neutral hues on her wedges also keep the outfit very classy. While I enjoy the simplicity that black and white portray, I can’t help but fall in love with the little pink bag she has hanging at her side.

Though it may appear sophisticated, recreating this look can actually be rather easy! The important aspects to look for are simple—a classic top, a colorful bag and, to top it all off, a chic hat.

One Simple Change: Do you need to run some errands after you’ve finished up brunch? It’s time to unbuckle the wedges and switch out your jeans for a pair of shorts and sandals. You will be much more comfortable and your feet won’t be throbbing after a hard day of work.