Hello Fashionista/os! I hope you are all having a wonderful week. Summer is a time to get in touch with close friends, shop and most importantly get together for brunch. Brunch is a very special time to connect with loved ones and eat delicious food in the wonderful weather.

During brunch, I feel it is important to look classy yet casual, which is where the amazing denim jacket comes to mind. A denim jacket is a favorite of mine, and it can not only look edgy, but also show that cool and casual look. It is especially essential for brunch because you will be comfortable in the jacket while eating and still appear fresh as well as confident. The flats along with the black jeans complement the denim jacket to provide that edgy look as well. To add on, wearing the gold rings enhances the look for the event of brunch as the rings are pretty and in essence, an important accessory to wear. Overall,

In summary, my Fashionista/os, whenever in doubt, always have a denim jacket and some cute rings. These accessories are absolutely fabulous and anyone can rock it.


One Simple Change: The denim jacket is versatile because in addition to wearing it during brunch, one can also style it with a sundress. Therefore, if you do not know what to wear for a fun occasion during a beach day, always wear a denim jacket. The jacket not only makes the outfit look effortless, but also stylish as well!