Brunch is the perfect marriage between chowing down on yummy food and stepping out in stunner outfits. Although some brunch lovers prefer to go for an ultra chic look, casual is also on the menu. However, just because a look is super casual, does not mean it isn’t brunch appropriate. Instead, all it takes is one simple accessory to really brighten things up.

One thing that is great about this Fashionista’s look is not only is it subtle, but there is a right amount of color without being overwhelming. The pop of color in her orange tote bag, blends wonderfully and offsets her basic white kicks and collar dress. Her look is brunch appropriate during the day and a quick change can transform her look into another occasion.

My other favorite thing about this look is that she isn’t wearing a statement necklace or huge earrings. Since this Fashionista is wearing a collar dress and has buttoned her dress all the way to the top, adding a necklace probably would not serve its purpose. The blend of orange, white and blue, combined with light makeup and stud earrings, is definitely brunch approved.

Just because you are going to brunch, does not mean that you are obligated in having to overload on accessories. Sometimes, less is more. The only accessory that this Fashionista has on is her tote bag, and that on its own, stands out!

One Simple Change: This look can go from brunch to girls night in a few simple switches. Instead of sneakers, try a pair of booties or heels that are comfortable to walk yet stylish. Second, instead of the tote, try a clutch paired with a bold lip and a leather jacket and you are good to go.