There is nothing better than going out to brunch with your girlfriends! Of course, you love to go to the trendiest spots in town, indulge in the delicious food and take pictures of your beautifully arranged meal, but there is another component that is an absolute must for brunch. What you wear is very important. You need something fun, outgoing, breezy but still appropriate enough to hangout with your grandparents.

In this look, this Fashionista incorporates all of these factors to make a great brunch outfit. Her flowy maxi dress is colorful and gives a fun and breezy feel to the outfit. The black hat works great too to keep it chic and shade her eyes in case she is in the sun for patio seating. Her chunky, silver necklace and accessories compliment the black and tie-dye combination. The detail of the necklace makes for a gorgeous addition and is intricate yet simple, flattering her neckline. Both the earrings and bracelets go well with the necklace but do not take away from the overall composition of the outfit. Black gladiators complete the look and make for a fun and edgy addition. She totally rocks this outfit and I know that she will turn some heads walking into her posh brunch destination. Get this Fashionista’s look with a flowy maxi dress, a black hat, black gladiator sandals and a silver statement necklace.

One Simple Change: Going to graduation? Whether it’s out at brunch or going to a friend’s graduation, try switching the gladiator sandals to some black wedges for a more sophisticated look.