WHAT TO WEAR: Bring On the Brunch

September 21st, 2016 at 2:10am

School is back in full swing, and man, am I feeling it. But when the college life becomes almost too much to handle, an easy go-to getaway is brunch. I think we can all agree that two of the best things in life are eating good an looking good, so why not do both at the same time? Brunch is the new up-and-coming meal, and if that means getting to splurge on more food throughout the day, then I’m in! More than just food, brunch gives all of us Fashionistas an excuse to dress up and put all of our fashion forward apparel to good use (as if we need a reason to dress up).

This Illinois State Fashionista killed the brunch look by pulling out a feminine floral romper with gold accents. This outfit is sure to stand out because of the vibrant colors in the romper and the simple jewelry that she chose. The first rule when it comes to brunch is to dress cute yet comfortable, which is exactly what this Fashionista did. Her brown shoes have just enough of a heel to remain chic and stylish, but are comfortable enough for a day on-the-go. Her gold Michael Kors sunglasses and Alex and Ani bracelets are simple but a great touch for the look. This outfit is great for a brunch date with friends or family and is timeless. Brunch is is all about going the extra mile to look your best, so why not go all out for the occasion? I mean, someone has to look better than those pancakes and mimosas.

Brunch on, Fashionistas!