WHAT TO WEAR: Breezy Spring Days

The spring quarter at UC Davis hasn’t been as springy as it can be. With the overcasting clouds and constant strong winds, I still have a hard time pulling out my spring/summer dresses, tank tops, and shorts. However, this Fashionista gave me a whole lot of inspirations about what to wear on cold yet warm days like this.

A flower is one of the first things that comes to people’s mind when speaking of spring. And floral prints are definitely a classic for spring garments. This Fashionista chose a dress with a brightly painted floral print on the black background fabric, indicating a hint of spring yet still transitioning from winter. With long lantern sleeves and a high neckline, this dress proves to be very versatile for a cooler temperature. The Fashionista can wear this dress alone without feeling too cold from exposed skin or pair the dress with other jackets or sweaters for an extra layer of warmth. For this particular day, she chose to pair the dress with a light khaki sweater. The patterns on the sweater also add a touch of texture to the whole outfit.

To pair with this outfit, the Fashionista chose a vintage-style ring and a chain choker as her accessories. The combination of the vintage-style ring and the light khaki sweater gives off a rather artistic vibe, as well as warmth.  

Layering has never been my forte. Never have I thought about how layering can be fairly versatile for long days on campus, when the temperature changes relatively drastically from day to night. Skirts can be paired with sweaters and jackets; accessories such as knee-high socks and scarfs can be used for additional warmth.