Spring Break is a common interest of all college students, regardless of who you are or where you go to school. While traditionally sandy feet, salt water and red Solo cups are the ideal vacation for students, some, like this Fashionista, decided to spend the year a little differently, and a little colder, by traveling to New York City and getting a feel for an alternative college lifestyle.

When visiting a city such as New York, there are certain expectations that must be met, especially if you actually care about how you look walking Fifth Avenue and taking the inevitable pictures on the steps of the MET. This Fashionista made it a mission to blend in and turn a few heads—and that she did. With light wash skinny jeans tucked into black boots, she kept her look casual and somewhat comfortable (except for when she realized just how much walking real New Yorkers do).

Sporting a graphic T-shirt with a plaid scarf, she has successfully pulled off taking a casual look and making it her own. She also does this with her black shawl that she is wearing over the outfit, a piece that she bought because, according to her, it looked very “New York.” Coming from the University of Mississippi, this Fashionista has been used to the warm weather of the South, but she has been (warmly) strutting around the city like a local in a look all her own.

To complete her look, with what some would argue is the most important part, she adds accessories. She is toting around a Michael Kors watch that appropriately complements her purse of the same designer. Impressively enough, she also put her own twist on the outfit by wearing glasses that she bought at a thrift shop back in her hometown.

Many say that this is the city of dreams and that once you arrive, you can be whomever you want to be. Some wish to come to New York and become famous, others want to make a difference and some simply want to be mistaken for a local and asked where the nearest H&M is. Regardless, this Fashionista has put her own spin on this city and its style, and maybe by the end of the week, you will find her on the side of the road hailing her own taxi.

One Simple Change: If walking down Fifth Avenue for an hour in heels doesn’t necessarily sound like the vacation you were hoping for, I would suggest finding flats that make you feel confident without the risk of blisters (taxis work too, if you don’t like that advice).