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WHAT TO WEAR: Black on Black

April 27th, 2017 at 2:06am
WHAT TO WEAR: Black on Black

Spring may be the season of blooming flowers and pastel colors, but some Fashionistas are a little too edgy for soft pinks and yellows. This Fashionista is still rocking black on black, a statement that anyone and everyone can (and should) rock.

They key to black on black is pairing the outfit with an accent color. For this fun and edgy Fashionista, it happens to be her blue translucent aviators. These sunglasses are a growing trend brought back from the ’70s and we are all so here for it. She also ties in the blue with the graphic on her T-shirt.

For her shoes, she is wearing a pair of black ankle booties. These booties feature a silver zipper running up the side to keep the edgy feel of the outfit. The slight heel adds a bit of girliness to the look without taking away the gritty effect of the look. Booties are usually a trend for the colder weather, but this year they seem to be creeping into spring (and I am all about it).

Her black mid-rise skinny jeans feature a cuffed bottom and a destroyed knee. The cuffed hem draws attention to her booties and the destroyed knee fits this Fashionista’s look perfectly.

Her Van Halen band T-shirt adds a slight vintage feel to the ensemble. It’s hard to go wrong with a band T-shirt because it adds character and personal expression to any look. This Fashionista is mixing her black, edgy style with a spin off of a retro vibe.

To complement the blue in the band T-shirt, she added blue, gold-trimmed aviators to the look. For her jewelry, she is wearing a simple velvet choker paired with a short, gold, crescent-shaped geode pendant. The pastel in the choker brings this outfit into spring, while the geode adds a bit of flair to this outfit.

As her last touch, she added a black leather crossbody bag accented with a gold chain. To complete her look, she is slaying a nude lip and black nail polish.

This Fashionista is giving off a retro, edgy vibe while keeping her outfit casual and cool. This is a perfect outfit for a live show, a day downtown, or even for class. Black on black is always an acceptable and encouraged look.