WHAT TO WEAR: Black Is Always the Answer

In these cold winter days, everyone just wants to bundle up. All of the colors in your wardrobe seem to be a bit too bright for a dreary day in February. So you end up picking neutral colors, which to me is totally okay. In my opinion, black is the best color of them all. It gives women of all different types a fierce look and works for just about every occasion.

This Fashionista definitely rocked the all black look. She paired every girl’s favorite pant, black leggings, with a long, flowy black top and tall, flat boots. She chose a big, comfy scarf that adds a nice accent to the whole outfit. It ties her winter hat into the outfit while still remaining with a neutral overtone. She stated, “Black is literally my go-to color, it fills up half my wardrobe and is so easy to wear.”

So if you’re looking for an easy, quick outfit, pair all of your blacks together to get a rocking look. You could add a pair of black booties to this or black over-the-knee boots to make it more of an upscale look at night. Funerals are not the only time that an all black look is called for. Instead, it’s an easy day-to-day look and can be thrown together minutes before you leave. Just add a centerpiece to your outfit like the scarf pictured here or a statement necklace. And to finish off the entire look, making yourself look confident as ever, add a pair of black sunglasses and people will be turning their heads as you strut by on campus.