WHAT TO WEAR: Between Summer and Fall

As September rolls in, the weather goes back and forth between the fading summer heat and the soft fall breeze. It can be difficult for us Fashionista/os to find what to wear when it’s 85 degrees out and all you want to do is bring out your favorite fall sweater.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, so to avoid the scorching sun from ruining your walk to class wear something lightweight. Although it can be a major struggle trying to find what to wear when going to class or to lunch on dreadfully hot September day, there are ways to incorporate your fall wardrobe into your outfit.

This Fashionista that I spotted on campus was prepared to take on the heat while still maintaining a fresh sophisticated style. She is rocking a high-wasted mustard colored skirt that accentuates her waist and a tight black turtleneck tank top with a touch of sparkle. She takes a risk pairing her black top with the navy cheetah print design on her skirt and pulls it off perfectly. On a sunny day like today, this Fashionista wears her hair in an elegant twisted bun to show off her simple turquoise jewelry. Her ballerina lace-up flats connect each piece of her outfit together from head-to-toe giving it the final touch of charm.

If this classy look doesn’t fit your style, wear a loose pair of distressed boyfriend jeans and match it with a thin oversized tank top. Complete your look with ankle booties, a pair of wired sunnies and a slicked back hair-do. No matter what style you strut on campus there are lots of ways to start incorporating the fall trends into your outfits.