WHAT TO WEAR: Better In A Bomber

Spring is right around the corner, but its not quite time to put away your coat just yet. So what do you wear in the seasonal transition? Meet the bomber jacket. You’ve probably noticed as you look around campus, on social media, and at your favorite clothing stores that these jackets are back in a very big way. What better way to look “bomb” and ease this trend into your daily wardrobe than with a bomber jacket?

This pilot-inspired jacket can be worn over almost anything. It will instantly add an element of cool to any look. This season’s bomber comes in a daring range of colors and designs for those who care to adventure beyond the classic black look. The options are endless. From leather to quilting or retro ‘70s to modern minimalist, finding the perfect bomber is as important as finding your perfect lip shade.

When I first saw this Fashionista’s outfit, I fell in love with the bomber jacket she was wearing. For this look, she stuck to a pretty basic color palette which is mostly black with a slight pop of color. Her basic graphic T-shirt keeps things simple and casual, drawing the eye to the focus of this outfit. This Fashionista did a great job when trying to keep warm and comfortable by using different layers, but at the same time being able to mix and match denim and cotton textures.

As bombers are a sporty jacket, nothing is more perfect than adding a pair of sneakers. In this case, this Fashionista’s white snakeskin slip-on sneakers add even more effortlessly chic vibes. She topped off the look with some on-trend jewelry and mirrored sunglasses to keep the attention on the upper half of the body.

If you’re anything like me, your mornings consist of throwing on an easy outfit and bolting out the door five minutes before class starts. Thankfully with this look, you’re in luck. This Fashionista truly knows how to stay practical and comfortable for the long day of a college student, while embracing the looks that are trending in the fashion world right now.