WHAT TO WEAR: Below Zero

Harsh weather can challenge fashion lovers everywhere when it comes to finding head-to-toe pieces that are both warm and trendy. This season, Canada’s west coast has been frightful, but this Fashionista’s outfit is still delightful. Sorry, but I can’t guarantee that this will be my last horribly cheesy play on words. What I can guarantee, however, is that it is possible to dress for the elements without sacrificing style, and this Vancouver-based beauty is showing us how.

Starting from the bottom (insert Drake joke here), this Fashionista is rocking a chunky style Chelsea boot, which adds both a touch of edginess and practicality that helps battle wet snowfall. Pairing these boots with cuffed and loose-fitted boyfriend jeans presents a relaxed look that is still very on-trend. Leaving a slightly open ankle offers the opportunity to play with different colors and patterns of knit socks to add your own individuality or bump up the interest in a similar look.

Warm and woven sweaters are always a good choice when hemming and hawing over the perfect snow day outfit. This Fashionista opted for a salt-and-pepper cowl neck sweater, which helps introduce some flecks of light into her monochrome palette. Cowl neck sweaters are the perfect option for those who want to venture close to—but not into­—turtleneck territory or ditch the scarf for a change. Layering a faux fur-trimmed parka like this one over top of any outfit adds both texture and warmth to a multitude of looks during the colder months. Finally, no winter ensemble is complete without a pair of knit mittens. This Fashionista’s choice of a lighter-toned neutral pair complements her fur hood while again helping to break up the dark palette.

When you wake and the temperature is below zero, how do you dress both for the weather and to impress?