WHAT TO WEAR: Being Chic and Keeping Warm

It is now my third year at West Virginia University and, yet still, I am not used to the cold weather here. During the winter months the weather can change dramatically throughout the week. One day it will be 60 degrees and sunny, then the next day I will wake up to snow on the ground. This can make dressing up a bit difficult, but do not fret! This Fashionista has the perfect everyday outfit that anyone can pull off, yet still be comfortable during the winter months.

I saw this Fashionista walking around campus, and I absolutely loved her outfit. She shows the perfect example of being chic, but keeping warm at the same time. She has pulled off layering very well for those tricky weather days. She paired black ripped jeans with a simple white quarter sleeve shirt, a blanket scarf, black booties, and to finish it off, an army green jacket. This outfit is great for going to class, out to lunch, or just hanging out with friends. The white shirt is light and flowy and the scarf and jacket are great to keep warm without looking too bundled up and completely covering her outfit. If she becomes too warm, she can simply remove her jacket or scarf and still have a together look. The booties are perfect because they are casual enough to wear to class, but they work well for a night out or shopping downtown.

This Fashionista’s outfit is simply a T-shirt and jeans, but she adds color and pop with the scarf and jacket. The warm colors in the scarf really bring out a wintery vibe. Adding simple accessories can really change an outfit in a great way. Don’t let the winter months scare you off from dressing up and showing your style.