WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School, or Back to Cool?

Back to school, or back to cool? I know, starting off a new school year can be rough… but if you’re starting out freshman year of college, it’s time to make a statement. Let’s face it. Whether you’re attending either a big university or small community college, you want to be remembered. That’s why the first week of college is crucial for making friends, socializing and strutting off your unique fashion sense.

Simple yet effective is what I’d like to call this Fashionista’s first week of college look. This Fashionista still made a statement while playing it effortlessly cool. Walking from class to class, it’s necessary to stay comfortable, that’s why this Fashionista decided to start this style with black ripped jeans, which can be paired with almost anything. A must-have for any Fashionista/o out there trying to keep it simple but effective!

Lets be real… we’re ALL shoe addicted. This fall, the sneaker trend for college students, at least at Azusa Pacific University, has been slip on Vans. From checkered to white to maroon, I’ve found girls all over Instagram as well as on campus rock these simple shoes with their everyday looks. Thats where the gray sweater hoodie and the denim jacket comes in place. Looking for a good place to find a denim jacket? Try the thrift store. Believe it or not, local thrift stores are a Fashionista/o’s best friend.

To complete any look, a choker is most definitely needed. Chokers have been all the rage recently, especially when layering them with other gold and silver statement jewelry. It’s impossible to express to you guys how obsessed I am with this ‘simple but effective’ trend circling around colleges all over the nation. I can’t wait to rock this trend with my besties  this fall. So just remember next year when it’s your first week of school, just keep it cool.