WHAT TO WEAR: Back To School

Winter break is over and that means study time has come back into our lives, which means we will become frequent visitors of library. It’s always exciting to catch up with old friends on the road and make some new friends in the new quarter, but having a good outfit on the first day of school is the first step.

American college student usually like to dress casually when they go study in library, especially the students I’ve seen in California. Because of the nice weather and the easy going tempo here, people prefer a simple dressing style to keep themselves in a comfortable condition. You can see yoga pant and oversized sweater anywhere, which are the hit item here in Davis. This Fashionisto looks so comfortable yet eye-catching. He is wearing a T-shirt as his base and added a woolen sweater on top to avoid looking too simple and to keep him warm at the same time. I believe that jeans are a magical item in the fashion world because pair of jeans can go with almost everything perfectly, whether it’s a T-shirt, sweater, jacket or coat.

A comfortable shoe is also super important when we need to walk around in the campus and try to attend each class on time. This Fashionisto is wearing some Vans, which fit his outfit well and help maintain the casual look. In addition, adding a printed scarf or hat to keep you warm when the days that become windy is an easy way for guys to keep their look in style.

One Simple Change: Wearing a leather shoe can transform the outfit to something more formal. If you have a date night but have no time to change clothes, a pair of oxfords will elevate your look in no time.